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Charlie Sheen was wasted

Actor Charlie Sheen was 'wasted out of his mind' on booze and coke: porn star


"Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen who was hospitalized after partying with five women -- including a porn star -- during a 36-hour binge was "wasted out of his mind" and smoking rocks of cocaine, a woman who was at the party said today.

Kacey Jordan -- the XXX star who partied with Sheen before he ended up at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles -- told TMZ.com that the actor's home was one big drinking, drug and porn palace.

"He was f----en wasted out of his mind," she said.

Jordan, 22, said at one point that she challenged Sheen to a drinking contest.

"I said, I can beat you at drinking,' and he said, 'Bulls--t,'" she recalled.

Jordan said that's when Sheen grabbed a bottle of vodka out of her hand and chugged it "in like three seconds."

"Don't ever test me again," he warned, according to Jordan.

At some point, Jordan said Sheen called a guy who later showed up with a bag full of drugs.

"Some guy came over with a Gucci bag. ... A nice guy. He sat at the kitchen table. ... We're talking like $20,000 worth of coke," she said.


Sheen then took chunks of it and started smoking it in a green pipe.

"He blows the smoke into my mouth," she recalled.

Then the 45-year-old Sheen -- surrounded by the women -- watched porn in home movie theater for hours.

"He has so much porn," said Jordan.

She said, "He wasn't doing anything. He was just there with his green pipe and just hitting it."

Jordan said she had to leave because things had gotten so crazy.

"I hope he's well. These binges ... if he keeps doing this? I hope he gets better," she said.

Jordan, however, did say that Sheen had asked her to live with him in a home full of women that would have to cater to his every whim -- a proposal she told TMZ she was interested in.

A third woman partying at actor Charlie Sheen’s soiree was identified as adult film star Gigi Rivera, Radar Online reported Friday. The 19-year-old brunette beauty has already starred in 50-60 adult films in her one year career, according to her website.

Sheen was released from the hospital today and is not expected to go to rehab, according to a report.

The actor's rep said he was in the hospital for abdominal pains. He has reportedly had the hernia -- which causes acid and food to back up into the esophagus -- for an unspecified number of years.

TMZ.com reported that Sheen had left the hospital and was expected to return to work next week.

In October, Sheen drew the attention of the NYPD when he trashed his suite at The Plaza hotel, where he had been partying with a paid escort.

Execs working with the star have been waiting for a trigger to get Sheen to seek professional help, The Hollywood Reporter said.

"They are all afraid Charlie will end up dead," one source told the publication.

"If he did anything to delay production or put it in jeopardy, they'd shut it down and try to force him to go to rehab."

Earlier today, sources told RadarOnline.com that the actor's father, Hollywood legend Martin Sheen, wanted his wayward son back in rehab.

His father, star of "Apocalypse Now" and "The West Wing," was said to be extremely upset and "worried Charlie is going to kill himself," RadarOnline cited a source as saying.

“Martin has jumped in before when things got really bad with Charlie and even told a judge that Charlie needed rehab. He’s not afraid to speak his mind,” the source added.

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